Presidents Day Prizes – Oct 10th 2020

Presidents Prize                Linda Galligan              32 points c/b

Runner Up                           Mary McNulty                32 points c/b

Best Gross                           Dympna McCabe          15 points


Category A

1st   Prize                               Kay Kennedy                  31 points

2nd Prize                               Marie Kelly                       30 points

3rd  Prize                               Sarah Halpenny             28 points

Category B

1st   Prize                               Karina McGrane               30 points

2nd  Prize                              Aoife NiNuallain               27 points

3rd  Prize                               Aileen O’Suilleabhain    25 points

Category C

1st   Prize                             Deirdre McGinley                22 points

2nd Prize                             Karen Sheils                          20 points

3rd  Prize                             Paula Gray                             17 points c/b


Committee Prize              Karin Ryan                              23 points

Past Captains Prize         Dolores Brennan                 26 points

Longest Drive                    Niamh Quinn

Nearest the Pin                 Dorothy Gray

Front Nine                            Lilian McDermott                 17 points c/b

Back Nine                             Anne O’Connell                     14 points c/b

9-hole competition

1st    Prize                             Breeda Carthy                           18 points

2nd  Prize                             Therese Cahill                           16 points

3rd  Prize                              Linda Corrigan                          15 points

4th  Prize                              Rose Leonard                            14 points

Results for 3rd October 2020

Congratulations to Rosaleen Clancy, who got a Birdie on Saturday 3rd October!

Category A                                    Points           New Handicap

1st    Kay Kennedy                         15  c/b               17.5

2nd  Therese Brosnan                 15 c/b                28.2

Category B                                    Points           New Handicap

1st   Rosaleen Clancy                   17 c/b                34.7

2nd  Anne O’Hanlon                     17 c/b                32.7

Category C                                    Points           New Handicap

1st   Paula Gray                               16                       35.6

2nd  Mary T Murphy                      12  c/b                36

Results for September 26th 2020

Congratulations – Player of the Month Category C – Pauline McCarthy.

Category A                                  Points              New Handicap

1st      Catherine Cathcart           16 c/b                  23.6

2nd    Marie Maher                        16 c/b                   18.1

Category B                                 Points              New Handicap

1st     Anne Marie Ryan                 18                         31.3

2nd   Judy Hayes                           15 c/b                  34.8

Category C                                  Points              New Handicap

1st    Deirdre Howard                   12                          36

2nd   Deirdre McGinley                10                          35.7

Results for Saturday 19th Sept 2020

Category A                                     Points                New Handicap

1st      Catherine Cathcart              17                                 23.6

2nd     Lindsay Sharpe                    16                                 29.9

Category B                                     Points                New Handicap

1st      Bernice Keatley                    19                                  34.9

2nd    Teresa Comerford               18                                  30.5

Category C                                     Points                New Handicap

1st    Pauline McCarthy                  18                                    36

2nd  Margaret Wood                       16                                   36


Results – Glen Mill Outing and MatchPlay Competition.

Glen Mill Outing – Saturday 12th September 2020.

Category A.

1st         Lindsay Sharpe                       36 points.

2nd       Patricia Murphy                      31 points.

3rd        Teresa Comerford                 30 points  c/b

Category B.

1st       Judy Hayes                               36 points

2nd     Majella Kelleher                      32 points

3rd      Suzanne Quinn                       31 points


Results for MatchPlay Competition –  Big congratulations

1st       Mary McNulty

2nd    Niamh Quinn

3rd     Lindsay Sharpe

Results for Saturday 5th Sept 2020

Category A                          Points       New Handicap

1st    Erika Ring.                       19                 27.1

2nd  Kathy Newell.                17 c/b         22.6

Category B                          Points     New Handicap

1st    Mary Morrissey              17                 30.5

2nd   Teresa Comerford       15                 30.5

Category C.                         Points    New Handicap

1st    Pauline McCarthy         13 c/b          36

2nd  Lia Egan.                          13 c/b          36

Results for August 29th 2020

Congratulations – Player of the Month Category A – Marie Maher.

Category  A                    Points      New Handicap

1st   Kathy Newell             19                 22.6

2nd  Marie Maher              17                18.1

Category B

1st   Aoife NiNuallain       21                33.8

2nd  Sheila Corballis       18                 32.1

Category C

1st   Suzanne Quin           12                36

2nd  Linda Dougal            10 c/b        35.6


Lady Captains Day Prizes – Aug 22nd 2020

Lady Captain’s Prize                  Dympna McCabe              34 points

Runner-up                                      Patricia Murphy                32 points    

Best Gross                                      Marie Maher                        12 points 


Category A 

1st Prize                                          Sarah Halpenny              33 points

2nd Prize                                        Lyndsay Sharpe               31 points

3rd  Prize                                        Mary McNulty                    29 points  

Category B

1st Prize                                         Niamh Quinn                    29 points

2nd Prize                                       Karina McGrane               25 points c/b

3rd Prize                                        Anne-Marie Ryan             25 points c/b     

Category C

1st Prize                                        Mary T Murphy                  20 points

2nd Prize                                       Linda Dougal                    15 points

3rd Prize                                        Dorothy Gray                    12 points 


Front 9                                            Kathy Newell                  17 points c/b

Back 9                                             Karin Ryan                       13 points c/b     

Past Captain’s Prize                 Berenice Keatley           23 points  

Committee Prize                       Linda Galligan                 24 points     

Longest Drive                             Karin Ryan

Nearest the Pin                         No Names entered.


9-hole competition

1st   Prize                                     Therese  Cahill                   13 points

2nd Prize                                      Deirdre Farragher            11 points

3rd Prize                                       Lia Egan                                10 points c/b

4th Prize                                       Maureen Shannon            10 points c/b                                    

Results for 15th August 2020

Congratulations to Lindsay Sharpe & Sandy Rhodes, who got Birdies on Saturday 15th August!

Category A                                                     Points             New Handicap

1st   Jacinta McGlynn                                     17 c/b                    25.7

2nd  Ann O’Connor                                         17 c/b                    27.3

Category B                                                     Points             New Handicap

1st   Sheila Corballis                                       23                            32.1

2nd  Anne Marie Ryan                                    16 c/b                    31.8

Category C                                                     Points             New Handicap

1st    Linda Dougal                                         15 c/b                     35.5

2nd  Margaret Woods                                   15 c/b                      36

Results for 8th August 2020

Congratulations to Marie Maher who got a Birdie on Saturday 8th August!

Category A                                       Points                   New Handicap

1st     Caroline Galloway                23                                22.7

2nd   Dympna McCabe                  19 c/b                         15

Category B                                       Points                   New Handicap

1st    Teresa Comerford                 19                               30.5

2nd  Ursula Martin                           18 c/b                       31

Category C                                       Points                   New Handicap

1st  Deirdre Howard                       14                                36

2nd  Breeda Carthy                        13  c/b                        36