Away Day

Away Day

Our next away day is Saturday 15th October 2022.

  • Location

Grange Castle Golf Club, New Nangor Road, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin D22WY66

  • Competition

18 Holes only

  • Time slots

6 Rows

24 Players (4 per row)

  • Time

Start 11 am

  • Cost


The sign-up sheet will be put on the noticeboard shortly.


The committee has received a number of queries on changes to handicaps which I hope are clarified in the summary below.

Members handicaps are reduced automatically when the points received in a qualifying competition are greater than 18. The details of this process are available on the society’s website (

A member’s handicap may also be reduced by observation. Cuts by observation are at the discretion of the Lady Captain and Handicap Secretary, in consultation with the committee and are intended to ensure fairness across competitions.

Where a player wins three prizes over a six-month period her handicap is reviewed. First, second or third place prizes are all included in the review. If no automatic reduction in handicap has been applied because her winning scores were lower than 18 points, her handicap will be reduced.

Prizes won in qualifying competitions, which are the standard Saturday competitions and non-qualifying competitions, which are Lady Captain and Lady President days, are all included in the review.

In the event that one of the three relevant prizes is in a non-qualifying competition and the player’s score was above the buffer zone i.e.,18 points for 9 holes and 36 points for 18 holes, her handicap will be adjusted by observation with a reduction proportionate to the score.